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Don't insult other users, don't even insult your caller. Just describe to the site what happened to you, and seek help in other comments.

Community sourcing
We work so well because of the amazing willingness of our users to write about their experience, however good bad or boring, thinking it could help someone else. Write about your caller in Wisconsin.
The numbers here are pinpointed to
[-87.9064736 / 43.0389025].

You can contact us if you have the slightest problem and we'll answer you in the best delays. Because we care about our users.

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This Person Called Wondering about my Light Bill This is a SPAM


414-409-7567 left this voicemail: Money laundering control act of 1986 and your social security number has been compromised for fraudulent activity. Call us on our direct line number 414-409-7567. I repeat 414-409-7567. Thank you.


U call this number and they will answer but won't speak then they won't answer at all and if you leave a voicemail it will never get returned



Find a Specific Number

About Number No space Specs
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32024144193202
U.s. Cellular414-419-32714144193271
U.s. Cellular414-419-32554144193255
New Berlin414-419-32344144193234
U.s. Cellular414-419-32294144193229
U.s. Cellular414-419-32434144193243
U.s. Cellular414-419-32934144193293
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32054144193205
U.s. Cellular414-419-32454144193245
New Berlin414-419-32924144193292
New Berlin414-419-32484144193248
U.s. Cellular414-419-32534144193253
U.s. Cellular414-419-32954144193295
New Berlin414-419-32284144193228
U.s. Cellular414-419-32174144193217
New Berlin414-419-32644144193264
New Berlin414-419-32124144193212
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32064144193206
U.s. Cellular414-419-32374144193237
U.s. Cellular414-419-32794144193279
U.s. Cellular414-419-32154144193215
New Berlin414-419-32324144193232
U.s. Cellular414-419-32354144193235
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32084144193208
New Berlin414-419-32404144193240
New Berlin414-419-32824144193282
New Berlin414-419-32384144193238
U.s. Cellular414-419-32194144193219
New Berlin414-419-32724144193272
U.s. Cellular414-419-32254144193225
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32034144193203
U.s. Cellular414-419-32574144193257
New Berlin414-419-32684144193268
New Berlin414-419-32564144193256
U.s. Cellular414-419-32494144193249
U.s. Cellular414-419-32894144193289
U.s. Cellular414-419-32774144193277
New Berlin414-419-32524144193252
U.s. Cellular414-419-32754144193275
U.s. Cellular414-419-32394144193239
New Berlin414-419-32984144193298
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32044144193204
New Berlin414-419-32184144193218
U.s. Cellular414-419-32274144193227
New Berlin414-419-32784144193278
U.s. Cellular414-419-32854144193285
New Berlin414-419-32304144193230
U.s. Cellular414-419-32614144193261
U.s. Cellular414-419-32414144193241
New Berlin414-419-32164144193216
New Berlin414-419-32244144193224
New Berlin414-419-32444144193244
U.s. Cellular414-419-32874144193287
New Berlin414-419-32204144193220
U.s. Cellular414-419-32734144193273
New Berlin414-419-32704144193270
New Berlin414-419-32604144193260
U.s. Cellular414-419-32834144193283
New Berlin414-419-32144144193214
New Berlin414-419-32104144193210
U.s. Cellular414-419-32134144193213
New Berlin414-419-32864144193286
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32074144193207
U.s. Cellular414-419-32334144193233
U.s. Cellular414-419-32674144193267
New Berlin414-419-32264144193226
New Berlin414-419-32224144193222
U.s. Cellular414-419-32474144193247
U.s. Cellular414-419-32994144193299
New Berlin414-419-32944144193294
U.s. Cellular414-419-32214144193221
New Berlin414-419-32544144193254
U.s. Cellular414-419-32114144193211
U.s. Cellular414-419-32914144193291
New Berlin414-419-32504144193250
New Berlin414-419-32884144193288
New Berlin414-419-32424144193242
U.s. Cellular414-419-32694144193269
New Berlin414-419-32744144193274
New Berlin414-419-32964144193296
New Berlin414-419-32664144193266
New Berlin414-419-32464144193246
Cellular (Dedicated)414-419-32014144193201
U.s. Cellular414-419-32974144193297
New Berlin414-419-32764144193276
U.s. Cellular414-419-32814144193281
New Berlin414-419-32844144193284
U.s. Cellular414-419-32634144193263
U.s. Cellular414-419-32594144193259
U.s. Cellular414-419-32654144193265
U.s. Cellular414-419-32234144193223
New Berlin414-419-32624144193262

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