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Comments by our dear users

Number Date Comment
731-681-527210/06/19 ~ 13:09Called, had this vibe that they would say something, but either didn't talk or I couldn't hear anything.
207-238-183204/06/19 ~ 12:33I was in the car when they called. Grizzling message left.
519-300-124604/06/19 ~ 12:29Good person I personally know and can vouch for. signed: David Droober.
870-307-305504/06/19 ~ 12:27Well i didnt hear much. On the odd chance that it's a nce fellow, good luck with uour luggage young man!
514-501-274604/06/19 ~ 12:25Hey, I wasnt sure whether this caller was realy because the sound wasn't great. I'm not reporting it as a threat but maybe it was a rbodialer!

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