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Comments by our dear users

Number Date Comment
941-627-657921/11/19 ~ 00:07who am I?
903-776-533321/11/19 ~ 00:07This number sent a text saying my chase card was locked and I should call to get it unlocked. I called and a recording claiming to be chase wanted me to enter my card number. No way to speak to a representative. It’s a scam. Beware.
712-899-454520/11/19 ~ 23:50This guy's name is Randy and he's a pedophile. He hangs out at Walmart talking to young boys inappropriately.
941-627-657920/11/19 ~ 23:49This number called posing to sell health insurance. I tried to play along but they got frustrated and hung up! Same scam daily, just different numbers.
469-257-341420/11/19 ~ 23:43The caller spoke to me on a dating site the league as a very substancial individual But facts did not match up. Finally asked for my account information Sad
502-438-636020/11/19 ~ 23:40I could of found out that much on my own. I'll just delete your app and move on. Should of known this app was a lie to. You say free when actually your making money off if this and sayu g it's free. All a LIE.LIE.LIE. knew it would be. Bye bye now.
308-380-353220/11/19 ~ 23:31Did not answer. Brief message left about vehicle warranty. Did not respond. These are scams.
484-681-276120/11/19 ~ 23:30My name is so online
708-247-897720/11/19 ~ 23:17telemarketer "angela" wanting you to update no existent warranty on car so that you can sign up to thier program waste of time, called us 10 times with rolling numbers
540-987-600920/11/19 ~ 23:16(540) this # claims to be from the Social security administration. automated caller says that there is a claim against my social and that i need a lawyer. went to the social security office in my area and they told me they don't call you.
909-438-995120/11/19 ~ 23:03Was some prerecorded person speaking in a Asian language. no idea what they were saying.
915-205-409020/11/19 ~ 23:02915-205-4090. I had a missed call after midnight. When I called back it said it was out of service. Then I start getting a text to my number and from a couple friends phones.
970-234-374220/11/19 ~ 22:58Called and left no message. There is no reason for this number to be calling me.
702-623-616620/11/19 ~ 22:51This number is a scammer
936-520-123020/11/19 ~ 22:42"Josue Amador" called to discuss " final (burial) plans. I replied: "Texas Bureau of Criminal Investigations . . . Go ahead, Josue." Josue "left the building."
936-520-144220/11/19 ~ 22:37"Robert" called to counsel me on Medicare Options. I responded: "FBI, Fraud investigations. Keep talking, Robert." Robert hung up.
559-930-305920/11/19 ~ 22:33spam caller
480-699-322920/11/19 ~ 22:33Vehicle warranty call - Unsolicited
585-257-335420/11/19 ~ 22:32Said they were on a recorded line and they were medical company then hung up or did not answer when I said yes.
334-844-837620/11/19 ~ 22:28Call came from 834-844-8376 about 4 pm they knew the doctor I used,her name,she knew my birthday,don`t remember the name they gave me.They knew I went to the VA and the shots I had not had and said if I had any questions to call the call center at the VA.
678-535-795220/11/19 ~ 22:18Most likely a Scam call. Called about some veiled threat of personal business and that a hold was put on something or other did not use my name or there name gave out some probably BS 800 number of 833 something.
212-336-926120/11/19 ~ 22:14SCAM - They call 5 times a day! When you block them - they use another 212 number I've reported this number to the BBB
707-357-461020/11/19 ~ 22:13called for no reason, scam
402-699-548620/11/19 ~ 22:12Appears to be a scammer number - no message left.
206-339-721720/11/19 ~ 22:10I went on line to get health insurance quotes and they called me three times in a half hour. They left no message. I called back and it went to a voice recording to leave my name and number and a representative will get back to me.
248-654-863720/11/19 ~ 22:04HealthCare Options Company Sales Call
647-772-953020/11/19 ~ 22:02Scammer
512-846-764820/11/19 ~ 22:00Medicare insurance telemarketer and probable scammer
615-663-575620/11/19 ~ 21:59Prank calls
919-622-373120/11/19 ~ 21:57call, I pick up and recorder comes on stating my warranty has run out. sick of these calls. # is 919-622-3731 I know that is a Verizon. Stop the calls
206-852-263820/11/19 ~ security number scam...calls from several 206 area code..proceeds to say fraud has been committed
512-206-248320/11/19 ~ 21:47says BBB but when calling back once a vm picked up with same name but then later in the day, it says Not in service!
915-803-222520/11/19 ~ 21:453whyyyyyyyyyy
501-200-480920/11/19 ~ 21:43Keeps send text saying I called them about NFL Super Sunday Ticket
418-922-856220/11/19 ~ 21:36Ce fraudeur appelle sans cesse sous différents numéros. Je vais lui faire manger de la m ... et l'envoyer c..... puis l'inviter à manger sa m.... et se torcher avec ses doigts. Merci
567-252-400420/11/19 ~ 21:35Got a call from 844-432-3830 saying we will permently suspend your social security number to hit 1 or call back at 567-252-4004
202-796-997620/11/19 ~ 21:24Unsolicited robo call
719-417-220920/11/19 ~ 21:24Keeps calling our business, there is no one on the other line...called back and its a discontinued number..Hmmmm...Scam much?!?!
559-547-290620/11/19 ~ 21:23Soliciting
832-400-256920/11/19 ~ 21:22THIS IS A HOME SECURITY SCAMMER/HANG UP!
443-368-378320/11/19 ~ 21:18scam number
617-404-227720/11/19 ~ 21:17Hang up
513-479-141020/11/19 ~ 21:01This is spam/scammer number. Beware! I think it was a phishing scam but, I shut em down too fast to be positive.
845-920-167220/11/19 ~ 20:58Don't know. Never left a message.
207-825-973020/11/19 ~ 20:51Called me did not leave message. When tried to return call it said number is disconnected
403-608-118920/11/19 ~ 20:47I got sent a message saying you have received $100.00 (CAD) with a link that looked like an IP address, obviously a scam but I clicked it anyways. fearful this person now has my IP Adress
330-987-869320/11/19 ~ 20:46i called 330-987-8693 and got a recording,.. "not a working Number"
415-771-833020/11/19 ~ 20:364157718330 comes up on caller ID. If you call back the number, you get a recorded message stating that the number is disconnected.
508-308-172520/11/19 ~ 20:33Don't be pesty by calling again☹️
254-379-915120/11/19 ~ 20:01This was a spam recording. They tell you you are in trouble because of use of your social security number. Never give this information.

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