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Comments by our dear users

Number Date Comment
323-529-101717/10/19 ~ 18:05The automated message wanted me to press 9 to be connected to a representative and enroll in a program that gives me 0% APR on "all credit cards" because I qualified by having a "great credit score." It claimed to be affiliated with Visa.
715-969-468417/10/19 ~ 17:5610 Scam calls this morning in the last 4 hours. This is ridiculous!
252-317-168317/10/19 ~ 17:39said attempt to collect debt
857-263-330217/10/19 ~ 17:25Received a call claiming to be from social security
610-601-489517/10/19 ~ 17:13I received a message from this number asking me to call back with the last 4 of my ss if not an arrest warrant will be issued for me. Really, just a waste of people time
412-925-551317/10/19 ~ 16:44Called & l did not answer, left no message. Proably just another Robocall .Be careful
289-225-143417/10/19 ~ 16:27Scammer regarding westjet. Don’t listen
872-228-285417/10/19 ~ 16:2010172019 called and said something about fraud and social security retirement how do I stop these calls
219-985-338217/10/19 ~ 16:17Called RE: Social Security suspension due to "fraudulent activity". PLEASE BE ADVISED: SSA will contact you BY REGISTERED MAIL to set up a phone interview if this is the case. SCAMMER.
610-601-489517/10/19 ~ 15:58lmom stating needing to verify my last 4 of ss# and stated i needed to call or they are going to issues and arrest warrant. Called back the number cowards wont answer.
872-228-285417/10/19 ~ 15:35The caller stated that they were from the FBI
951-543-936017/10/19 ~ 03:41Heather Burroughts meth drug addiction escort violence dangers
847-780-100917/10/19 ~ 01:52Waste of time
210-998-578017/10/19 ~ 01:01I wish these fools stop calling
619-567-333116/10/19 ~ 23:47spam caller and not actualy coller. pleae be aware
202-253-130716/10/19 ~ 23:39Appears to be junk call. Did not leave a message.
509-389-933216/10/19 ~ 23:31Possibly another case of a hijacked phone number the person on the other end sounded frustrated about the volume of calls he is suddenly receiving.
812-297-756416/10/19 ~ 21:48This girl bother my number and put comment my ads call her she and her pimps selling stupefacien drug
731-221-962416/10/19 ~ 21:11Calls constantly doesn't leave a message.
610-601-482916/10/19 ~ 20:05Said they were the social security department. I hung up.
872-903-855916/10/19 ~ 19:32Unknown Caller, did not leave a message; Consider these calls SCAM/FRAUD
226-970-735016/10/19 ~ 19:05226-970-7350 Just called me and on a recorded information told me I was going to be charged with Fraud unless I pressed 1 and talked to their agent. Obviously a scam.
248-742-971816/10/19 ~ 18:11He Cussed at me Everything in the book and tried to scare me ! Lmao
609-547-384816/10/19 ~ 17:42WHO IS THIS PHONE NUMBER
941-885-348616/10/19 ~ 17:39941-885-3486 They call me at 6:30 AM in the mornings do not talk to me if I answer or leave a message if I don't answer. This is harassment and driving me crazy. Please stop calling me.
613-352-232916/10/19 ~ 17:02Recorded message saying I should press 1 to speak to an officer to avoid federal court regarding my social insurance number, and if I didn't it would be considered an attempt to avoid appearing before a magistrate. Clearly a scam.
438-799-628816/10/19 ~ 16:58A marketing agency so shitty they send all the red flags of fraudulent calls
330-591-120116/10/19 ~ 16:34i keep getting calls on my cell phone from 330 591 1201 - i don't knew anyone that lives in Medina oh, they don't leave messages, SCAM SCAM STOP CALLING M
803-553-400616/10/19 ~ 15:37This associated phone number continually attempts to hack emails to include 2 of mine, and according to reports I have pulled, about 4 others.
226-375-706916/10/19 ~ 15:11Complete SPAM. Claiming to be from Service Canada bullshit. Reported to police as I've now received 3 calls in last 30 minutes.
617-872-583416/10/19 ~ 14:39When I answered the call there was silence
505-389-555516/10/19 ~ 14:20he is a mean person and he tryd to eat my dog
647-794-120216/10/19 ~ 14:13Chinese scammers
770-401-235516/10/19 ~ 07:06Please explain what happened or what you know.deepak verma
713-303-302716/10/19 ~ 05:13Linda Sandoval
919-439-557816/10/19 ~ 03:29Harassing text messages from this number
910-240-469116/10/19 ~ 03:27Harassing text messages from this number
203-756-123916/10/19 ~ 02:452037561239
231-265-477316/10/19 ~ 02:09Sent a message stating I was being shipped a free iphone. Obvious scam. Here is the link they sent, I did not open
239-849-806516/10/19 ~ 01:37239 849 8065 Do you know when this person acquired this number?
705-590-461415/10/19 ~ 23:53CRA scam
660-675-118815/10/19 ~ 23:19Please do not call me.
226-380-568215/10/19 ~ 22:32Spam caller about Service Canada threatening a lawsuit.
425-954-244115/10/19 ~ 22:23This is a scam caller trying claiming to have something to do w fraudulent SS# and legal action. Don’t fall for it.
707-516-204515/10/19 ~ 22:15Robocall
903-510-179515/10/19 ~ 22:14They call and ring twice...I called back and only a recording....
708-330-307915/10/19 ~ 22:05Caller is not in my contact list; Caller did not leave a message, Consider SCAM/FRAUD
919-259-958915/10/19 ~ 21:47The caller called and asked if we were home. Very peculiar!!

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