So apparently Brent Spiner, AKA Data from Star Trek, does music. My friend discovered this album, Dreamland, he did just last year. It's quite a bizarro mashup: you've got Data singing, but you've also got Fiona Apple's big sister Maude Maggart, who is apparently quite the cabaret singer/chooser of unfortunate stage names. The two of them duet on the classic American songbook. But all the songs are sandwiched into this 1940's style radio drama concept. The plot is somewhat tricky to follow but the basic idea is that Brent Spiner meets this girl on the street, falls in love, and a bunch of 1940's style radio drama stuff happens. Also, it's unclear what's a dream and what's not a dream (Brent Spiner keeps waking up and being confused), but at the end the two of them are together and they sing "To Know You Is To Love You."

One of my favorite things about the album is that, because Brent Spiner wrote the radio drama portion, each track is credited to "Gershwin/Spiner" or "Berlin/Spiner." I like imagining George Gershwin and Data in some room in the Brill Building (I'm conflating eras, yes) dressed in old fashioned suits, banging on a piano saying things like "this'll get the chippies swingin'!"

Data has a soothing, Dad-like voice.

Here's the cherry on top: Mark Hamill AKA Luke Skywalker does the voice acting for all the minor characters in the radio drama.

"City Streets" (Gershwin/Spiner)

"The Train Ride" (Nilsson/Spiner)



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