"In songs about memories and mortality Mr. Rossen and Department of Eagles’ other songwriter and guitarist, Fred Nicolaus, create graceful, surreal, inward-looking pop that finds both unadorned sorrows and elaborate, circuslike wonderment."
- The New York Times on the album "In Ear Park"

"The breather between their earlier work and In Ear Park has paid off, helping Rossen and Nicolaus craft a rich, disorienting new direction for Department of Eagles. Ambitious and complex, it's stuffed with cocooning harmonies and shimmering, sunlight-smacking-the-Pacific melodies-- a languid, easy West Coast record (think Randy Newman or SMiLE), infused with classic East Coast anxiety."
- Pitchfork on the album "In Ear Park"

"'No One Does It Like You' makes us yearn for summer, or at least a warmer springtime. The way the echo thumps reminds us of concerts at a county fair band shell, and the golden harmonies make us think of 60s California."
- Pitchfork on "No One Does It Like You"

"Sorta goes without saying, but if you dig Grizzly Bear, you're gonna love this track."
- Stereogum on "No One Does It Like You."

"So deliciously laid back, so warm and easy, so calm & affectionate that it's hard to find even a lick of frustration."
- Said The Gramophone on "No One Does It Like You"

"I must've listened to this track 50 times over the last few days, and I remain in awe of the song's throwback production techniques and gorgeous vocal harmonies."
- Gorilla Vs. Bear on "No One Does It Like You."

"Department of Eagles prove trip-hop isn't dead...it's just become a twinkly folk song in a doo-wop haze"
- Spin on "No One Does It Like You"

"I'm convinced Dan's got one of the most strangely satisfying voices in music today, like Peter Gabriel in the depths of an ether binge (thanks, HST). His singing and melodic vocal layers always went well in contrast to Ed Droste's deeper, soothing croon in Grizzly Bear and here it works just the same, bouncing off the sunny atmospherics and bouncy percussion. This just might be the first "best song of Spring."
- I Guess I'm Floating on "No One Does It Like You"

"Department of Eagles make scratchy, low-fi Casio-pop with hooks as big as arena anthems."
- New York Magazine

"The world seems a brighter place for their existence."

"One of those rare and perplexing albums which sounds completely different each of the first three times you hear it, once it gets its hooks into you, there's no shaking it off."
- The London Telegraph

" Wherever the mysterious Department of Eagles might have come from, a mercurial new talent has just landed."
- The London Times

"Department of Eagles' magpie instincts are waggish, beguiling and natural."
- Record Collector

"Department of Eagles excel at making oddness into goodness."
- SF Weekly

"My own personal definition of comfort music: simple songs that can keep repeating over and over in your mind."
- Music is Art