Word up guys. Our archival record comes out today, on American Dust in the US and Bella Union in the UK and points beyond. It's been a long strange trip of a release with no small amount of backroom drama, but now that it's coming out I'm happy that some of these songs are seeing the light of day. You can check out one of the more polished and recent ones called "While We're Young," here and another, older one called "Golden Apple" here. And there are links to order below. This will probably be the last news update in a while, because we're not currently working on a new record or a live act. But DOE has always been kind of a formless, do-it-when-we-feel-the-spirit kind of endeavor, and so who knows, Dan and I may be back with new songs at some point in the future. Hope you guys are well, thanks for chilling with our vibes.

Archive 2003-2006 ordering steez


Hey Y'all. We have a thing coming out. Basically, before we recorded "In Ear Park," we had a long period of messing around in various circumstances, producing a lot of songs that never really saw the light of day. Some of it is very proto: way back in 2004 Daniel had this period where he was making these beautiful little suites using NYU practice room pianos, and we've included a lot of those. Other stuff comes from a period in 2006 when we tried and failed to make an album at this studio in Berkeley, CA. Also there's also a song we recorded with Chris Taylor that's one of few fast-paced rage type songs we've done. So yeah. It's not a collection of new material but rather a fun romp down memory lane that I hope will appeal. It's called "Archive 2003-2006." We'll be previewing some tracks soon, so that's chill. It's coming out July 20th in the US on American Dust and July 19th in the UK and elsewhere on Bella Union. By all means pre-order this if it sounds like your jam:

Pre-order US


Hey y'all. Hope you guys are well. Just wanted to put something up about the video for No One Does It Like You winning a UK VMA. It was directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama. They pre-recorded a pretty chill acceptance speech, which can be found here. I just want to get it out there that they did an amazing job on the video, and made it ten times cooler than I thought one of our videos had the right to be. So yeah, the award is megadeserved. Also randomly, I realized last week In Ear Park came out a year ago. Feels like longer somehow? Anyway, thanks guys.


Hey all, hope everyone is well out there. I'm sure most of you already know about this, but for the few that don't, Daniel's other band, Grizzly Bear, has their third album coming out today. It's called Veckatimest, and it's phenomenal. There has been a low grade leak floating around the internet for a while, and if you have that leak and think that's what the album sounds like, well, that's not really what the album sounds like, so get out there pick up the real thing. Here's a picture and a link:

Buy Veckatimest Here


Join us on March 24th at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC for a very special premiere of the video for Department of Eagles' "No One Does It Like You," produced by the Directors Bureau, directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama, and featuring costumes and sets designed by Dzama. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Daughters and Dzama, moderated by MoMA curator Sarah Suzuki, and a live performance by Department of Eagles. Doors and bar open at 7:00; show starts promptly at 8:00. Tickets go on sale March 10th.

For more information, visit the MoMA PopRally website.


If you missed Department of Eagles on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic on January 22nd, you can listen to the session right here:


Department of Eagles appear and perform on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic tomorrow, Thursday, January 22nd. Daniel and Fred will be on the broadcast, hosted by KCRW's Jason Bentley, live at 2PM ET/11AM PT. Be sure to tune in at 89.9FM (Southern California) or online at http://www.kcrw.com/music/programs/mb.


to check out Daniel's mention in the 'Songs You Must Hear Now!' section of Spin Magazine for his cover of JoJo's"Too Little Too Late."


The New York Times' music men Jon Pareles and Nate Chinen included Department of Eagles in their top picks of 2008. Pareles, chief music critic, chose In Ear Park as his No. 5 Album of the Year. And Chinen, music writer, gave Phantom Other the nod as one of his top song standouts for 2008. Both articles can be found in the December 21st print edition of The New York Times.


Department of Eagles finally head over to the west coast for a handful of dates in late January! Tickets for all shows go on sale this Friday, December 12th!


Tickets are now on sale for all of the Department of Eagles shows this January. They kick things off on January 15th in Chicago with a performance at The Tomorrow Never Knows Festival 2009 at Schuba's Tavern, and end with a night at New York's Bowery Ballroom on January 19.


Paste Magazine has named Deparment of Eagles this weeks' Band of the Week. In the accompanying article, available here, Daniel and Fred discuss In Ear Park, their latest performance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, how they found their beginnings, and more. Check it out!


NPR's All Songs Considered listener poll, "The Best Albums of 2008," is now open for voting, and In Ear Park has been included on list of 100 listener-selected albums. Go to the poll (NPR login required) and vote for up to ten of your favorite albums of the year. The results will be broadcast on the December 8th edition of All Songs Considered.


On Tuesday, November 18th at 2:30PM ET, Department of Eagles will be performing two songs live on Soundcheck, WNYC's music talk show hosted by John Schaefer. Be sure to tune in at 93.9FM or 820AM in the NYC listening area, or stream the program online at http://www.wnyc.org/.


It’s that time to vote for the next president of the United States, important political offices, and ballot initiatives.

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Go vote!


Department of Eagles sat down with Daytrotter for an interview and recording session. The article, interview, and songs can be found at the Daytrotter Session website, including three tracks from their latest release In Ear Park and two unreleased tracks!


Happy Release Day!

Today marks the official release of In Ear Park! You can find it in all of your favorite record stores across the country!

Also, 'No One Does it Like You' is featured as NPR's Song of the Day! Download it here.


Be sure to pick up a copy of the New York Times today for a great feature on Department of Eagles written by Jon Pareles! Click here or below to read the full story.


Amelia Bauer, the artist that took the photo for the cover of In Ear Park, is having her first solo show at Capricious Space in Brooklyn. That cover photo is part of a series of beautiful large prints. There are also some obsessively detailed drawings and a sculpture that is very difficult to describe. It's amazing stuff. Go see it if you are anywhere nearby.


In Ear Park is available today, exclusively from iTunes! Buy it here.

You can pick up the physical version of the album in stores next Tuesday, October 6th.


Hello Everyone,

Two very exciting things in the world of Department of Eagles.

First, the band will be performing live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien this Wednesday, October 1! They will be playing the song "No One Does It Like You".

Second, we are thrilled to announce the band's performance performance at "REVENGE OF THE BOOK EATERS," 826NYC's
annual one-of-a-kind evening of music, comedy, and storytelling on October 7. This year's show will feature:

A story from IRA GLASS.
Talking from DAVE EGGERS.
CLARKSON, BOBBY CANNAVALE, TUNDE ADEBIMPE (of TV on the Radio), and the author.
Jokes by host (and Daily Show correspondent) JOHN OLIVER.
And a very special appearance by PAUL SIMON.

Tickets are available .


If you happened to pick up The New York Times this Sunday, you may have seen the below commentary on 'In Ear Park'. Very nice words!


Hello All

We're pleased to announce that we have another track from our upcoming album, ready to release out into the magical internet machine. It's called "No One Does It Like You" and it will be the first genuine single from "In Ear Park."

There was a demo of this floating around last year, but this is the real deal King James version. Plenty of reverb. Recorded in the choir loft of a church. Tequila was involved at one point or another. This song has been in the works for several years now, starting life as a mumbled casio keyboard-based demo, going through an acoustic ballad phase, taking a brief detour into Paul McCartney territory and finally ending up in its present incarnation. I'm excited to finally be sending it out into the world, hope you enjoy! Click here to hear it.

(Oh and if you want this song on a 7", along with an awesome cover Daniel did of the Jojo song "Too Little Too Late," you can pre-order our album here)


Hey we're on Facebook now and it's cool. Come join our fun cool Facebook fun!

In Ear Park Pre-Order

Get a headstart on everyone else and pre-order In Ear Park now! Click below to place your order and get a free 7"!


Hello All
It's August!  Dan is on tour with Grizzly Bear, opening for Radiohead!  I've been reading a series of young adult fantasy novels based around Welsh mythology!  Also: shirts!

The good people at Insound are doing this thing wherein they ask a graphic designer (in this case, the awesome Jason Munn of the Small Stakes) to design a limited edition Shirt/Hoodie/Poster for 20 bands.  It's called the Insound20, and DOE is part of it this year.  It's actually our first piece of merch ever.  History.  Check it out

(we're #14)

And just in case you're wondering whether they're cool or not: my mom bought a hoodie, so, clearly, yes. (Dad's reaction: "I don't order anything from a website that requires you to give personal information").  Summer fun!  


Great News!
The new Department of Eagles record 'In Ear Park' will be released on October 7th on Beggars Banquet/4ad!

There will be a lot more details to come in the next few weeks, but for now you can download the first song of the same name 'In Ear Park' for free


Recording is nearly done! What exactly that means no one knows! What exactly I mean by that I also don't know! I'm steadlily losing my mind and the sound of my own voice is beginning to give me panic attacks! But we should have a couple new songs up in the media section in the near future so that's something!

In lieu of any other exciting news which I'm not at liberty to share please enjoy these two photos of park lights. The first was taken in Los Angeles at a favorite childhood spot that we called "Ear Park" because there was an interactive statue there that looked like a giant ear. At least it did when I was five. The second photo was taken here in Brooklyn. I just think it looks cool. I know there's a theme going on here and we don't want it to get out of hand or anything, but these images make news feel soothing.


We are recording. It's going well. It's cold here. We huddle around a rather feeble space heater between takes and sip tequila to make the mood more festive.

I (Daniel) just got back from a show in LA at the Disney Concert Hall. I mean, it wasn't my show or anything. But I appeared. It was part of a series called "Concrete Frequency" put on by the Philharmonic, and the performers were meant to sing songs about city life or road life or something along those lines. They put me on right after Inara George and Van Dyke Parks, who sang a classic Randy Newman song, Vine Street. That shook me up a bit. I did a couple simple versions of songs from the new DoE record and got the hell off stage. Back in the dining hall I tried to let old Van Dyke know my true feelings for him. I gushed. He smiled and bussed my plate to the kitchen.

One audience member told me my pants and hair stole the show, which is a dubious compliment but I'll take it. So the concert went well, I say.

P.S. Our friend Sebastian Krueger did a cover of our unreleased song "Deadly Disclosure" for La Blogotheque. He is embarrassed about it for some reason, but we're going to link it anyway:

Click here to listen


No shows are scheduled at this time


PopRally Presents...
Video premiere + performance
11 W 53rd St
New York, NY 10019

925 E Pike St
Seattle, WA
With The Cave Singers


Doug Fir Lounge
830 E Burnside St
Portland, OR
With The Cave Singers

Cafe Du Nord
2174 Market St
San Francisco, CA
With The Cave Singers
Early Show: SOLD OUT

Late Show: SOLD OUT

9081 Santa Monica Blvd.
Hollywood, CA
With The Cave Singers

Bowery Ballroom
6 Delancey St.
New York, NY

The Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St. Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave.
Philadelphia, PA

Wexner Center for the Arts
1871 N. High St
Columbus, OH

Schubas Tavern
3159 N. Southport Ave.
Chicago, IL

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Antoine Dansaert, 6
Brussels, Belgium 1000


23 Rue Boyer
Paris, France 75020

- Club Uncut Presents...
Orange Yard, Manette St.
London, UK W1D 4JB

Rough Trade West
130 Talbot Road
London, UK W11 1JA

- Clash Magazine Presents...
35 Chalk Farm Road
London, UK NW1

Town Hall - Revenge of The Bookeaters
123 W. 43rd St
New York, NY 10036

The Bell House
149 7th St. Brooklyn NY
Record Release Show - First Full Band Show