Sunday Morning

Walking down Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn.
Fred (to girlfriend): Hey, that was Craig Newman just walking by
Amanda: Who is that?
Fred: The lead singer of the New Pornographers [looking it up when I got home, his name turned out to be Carl Newman]. Do you know them?
Amanda: I've heard of them, what does their music sound like?
Fred: I don't know. Do you know Neko Case?
Amanda: I've heard of her too.
Fred: She was in the New Pornographers, but I think her solo career did really well so maybe she's not in them anymore.
Amanda: What does her music sound like?
Fred: I don't know

At a flea market on Seventh Avenue. Looking through some records. I see a copy of Loudon Wainwright's "Attempted Mustache," the album that has "Swimming Song" on it.

Fred (to no one in particular): Oh hey, cool
Guy Selling Records (imagine a skinnier Joe Pesci): I did Aikido with him
Fred: Loudon Wainwright?
Guy: It's pronounced "Lou-done," but yeah, in the eighties I had an Aikido class with him.
Fred: Was he good?
Guy: Oh yeah, he's probably a third degree black belt by now.
Fred: So how much for the record?
Guy: Seven dollars
Fred: Huh. Well, have a nice day!




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