A Conversation

Fred: we should make up a list of fake beatles albums
like american reissue albums
Michael: Underground With The Beatles
Fred: that they tacked fakey titles onto:
Michael: oh I thought we were just going to make some up
Fred: "They've Done It Again: The Beatles!"
we are
Michael: oh good
Fred: "Beatle Bongo Rock!"
Michael: "Beatles Camp"
6:44 PM me: "Beatles Beatles Beatles (and more Beatles)"
"Your Best Friends: The Beatles!"
Michael: "Beatles Battle"
Fred: "What a Bunch of Guys! The Beatles!"
"How About Another Serving of Hot Beatles!!!"
Michael: "Ouch! It's the Beatles!"
Fred: haha
"Super Session: Beatles Edition!"
6:45 PM Michael: haha
Fred: "Beatles alla Vodka!"
"Beatles: Hot or Not?!?"
Michael: "Don't Step on the Beatles"
Fred: "The Fab Four On Parade!"
Michael: "Some Like the Beatles"
Fred: "Nothin' Like The Beatles!"
"Can't Stop Those Beatle Boys!"
Michael: "John, Paul, George and Dingo" (Australia only)
Fred: "Ooooh, those Beatles!"
"My Dinner With The Beatles"
Michael: "The Beatles Sing Songs for Teenage Cripples"
Fred: "The Further Adventures of Reginald J. Beatle"
"Swing Low, Sweet Beatles"
"Beatle Bop!"
Michael: "Beatles Souffle"
"The Beatles at the Kentucky Derby"
Fred: "The Beatles and Boots Randolph: Beatles for Sax"
Michael: "The Beatles Tango!"
"The Flying Nun Meets the Beatles"
Fred: "The Beatles Murder Mystery"
ooh here's a good one:
"Beatles Not Included"
Michael: "Never Ending Beatles" (12 record set)
Beatles Not Included is like chintzy symphonic covers of Beatles songs
Michael: "Who Ate My Beatles?"
Fred: "The Beatles: Satan?"
who ate my beatles is awesome
"Beyond Beatles"
Michael: "The Beatles & The Rolling Stones: Deathmatch '65"
Fred: "The Beatles and Billy Preston: Revolver"
"Beatles Beware"
Michael: "This Ain't Your Grandma's Beatles"
"Beatles in Your Pants!"
"Terrible Beatles"
Fred: "Beatles in the Night"
"Beatles Schmillson"
Michael: "The Beatles Beaten"
Fred: "Beatles Schmeatles"
Michael: "Cruise Ship Beatles"
"The Beatles & Joey Marino"
Fred: "Beatles Don't Stop"
Michael: "Jack Shit Beatles"
Fred: "Beatles Ain't Shit"
"Don't Believe The Beatles"
Michael: "Madcap Mop Tops"
Fred: "Beatles Behave"
Michael: "The Beatles Freak Out!"
Fred: "Forever Beatles"
"The Beatles Come Alive"
"Haunted Beatles"
Michael: "The Beatles on TV!"
Fred: haha
"The Beatles at Home"
"Beatleblast 9000"
"Back to the Beatles!"
Michael: "Angry Young Beatles"
"If You Were the Beatles..."
Fred: "Don't Stop Believing: The Story of The Beatles"
Michael: "Beatles in bed"
Fred: "Beatles. James Beatles"
"Beatles On The Moon"
"Everlovin' Beatles"
"What You Talkin' Bout, Beatles??!"
"Beatles Brigade"
"Beatles On Ice"
Michael: "If I Were a Beatles"
"The Beatles Meet Batman"
Fred: "First There Is A Beatle, Then There is No Beatle, Then There Is"
"The Beatles Vs. The Aztec Mummy"
"You're So Beatles"
"Das Beatle"
Michael: haha
Fred: "The Great Beatles Conspiracy"
Michael: "The Beatles in Dixie"
Fred: "The Beatles Go Country"
Michael: "Captain Jame K. Beatles"
Fred: "Mystery of The Missing Beatles"
Michael: "More Beatles Bullshit"
Fred: "Fuck, it's The Beatles again, make up some excuse to leave"
Michael: "The Beatles Say, 'We Love You'"
Fred: "The Beatles: Why?"
"Love In The Time of Beatles"
Michael: "'Ruby Tuesday' and Other Great Beatles Hits"
Fred: "The Beatles Hate Your Dog"
Michael: "The Beatles: Four Boys in Love"
Fred: "The Beatles: Think About It"
"The Beatles: Number 6 hits!"
"Drowning in Beatles"
PM Michael: "99 Bottles of Beatles"
Fred: hahah
"Beatle Bonanza"
Michael: "Bo Knows Beatles"
Fred: hahah
"Beatles With Meat Sauce"
Michael: "Bang a Gong Beatles"
"The Beatles: Self-Righteous Bastards"
Fred: "Ringo's Finest Hour"
"The Beatles: Who Do They Think They Are"
"Undercover Beatles"
"Agent 00Beatles"
Michael: "The Beatles in Space Suits"
"The Beatles on a Mountain"
"The Beatles on a Boat"
Fred: "The Beatles Sitting On A Red Couch"
Michael: "The Beatles in Milkman Outfits"
Fred: "The Beatles Have Some Songs Now"
Michael: "The Beatles with Musical Instruments"
Fred: "Check Out This Cool New Band, They're Called The Beatles"
"Dude, You Don't Like The Beatles?"
Michael: "Eat Me Beatles"
Fred: "I Can't Believe It's Not Beatles!"
Michael: haha
hey shouldn't you go home, Fred?
Fred: "The Beatles: Accept No Imitation"
yeah probably
I'm doing a big mailing
Michael: "The Beagles: Almost the Beatles"
Fred: but yeah I should call it quits
haha that's good
Michael: gotcha
Fred: that's a good one to go out on
you know it's funny
Michael: later, dude
Fred: I'm listening to Lucio Battisti
Michael: hey, my man in Italy
Fred: and he sounds exactly like that character Ben Stiller used to play on the ben stiller show
the pig latin lover
Michael: haha, I can imagine
Fred: honestly, check it out sometime
okay man, adios
Michael: bye

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