I went to a Randy Newman concert a couple of weeks ago and it was just great. Carnegie Hall, a piano, and two sweet sweet encores. So Hard Living Without You, Bam. Rednecks, Blammo. Louisiana 1927, Pow. I Think It's Going to Rain Today, Boff. Sail Away, Kazaam.

There was an intermission, during which an elderly Upper West Side couple had the following exchange:

Woman: Do you know these Randy Newman songs? I don't know these Randy Newman songs. Everyone seems to know these ones, where do we get these new Randy Newman songs? I can't understand a single word he's saying.
Man: You can't understand him because you're deaf.
Woman: I have excellent hearing. That's crazy, I have great hearing.
Man: You're deaf.
Woman: Now that Tower's out of business where do I go to buy the new Randy Newman songs?
Young Man Sitting Next to the Couple: Use the Internet
Woman: See, there you go, the Internet! I can't use it. I always get screwed up and lost. I get so screwed up on that thing! Where do I go?
Young Man: Just go to the address and type in "New Randy Newman songs"
Woman: See, what address, that's what always happens.
Man: You're deaf.
Young Man: Just go to Google or Amazon and type in "New Randy Newman songs."
Woman: I'll do that, I'll just do that.
Man: You're deaf.

Ironically enough, their dialogue sounded sort of like a new Randy Newman song.

Thank you Josh/Nonesuch.

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